Search for videos with unmatched prescision.

The AWSOM toolkit was created by media professionals to meet the ever-growing challenge of managing and organising their own content (online and on local/network/cloud storage), as well as searching, curating, organising and analysing huge libraries of material produced by themselves and other content creators. AWSOM allows users to search multiple sources in the fraction of the time it would take to do so manually, and not only find the videos they're interested in but the exact point when a keyword is mentioned.

  Google Integration

Fully fledged Google integration allows AWSOM to use YouTube Search preferences as well as other data provided by the Google API to optimize the results returned by the system.

  Search Queries

Have you made an in-depth query using both filters provided by YouTube as well as the external filteration provided by AWSOM that gave you the exact results you wanted? Make sure to save the query to your account using our profiles system.

  Enhanced Transcripts

AWSOM utilizes advanced speech recognition technology to convert grammar contained in a video into a user friendly transcript, containing all spoken content within the video.

  Secure Process

AWSOM will never store any parameterized queries or results to our database without permission, all search queries are sent to an external system which simply returns your results to AWSOM using advanced Python processes.